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There are over 300 volunteers within the San Diego Bowl Game Association family. These dedicated individuals, known around San Diego as "The RedCoats", are integral to the success of San Diego's two bowl games, the Holiday Bowl and San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. The RedCoats volunteer their time throughout the bowl's year-around Festival of Events, leading up to and including game night! Without these dedicated individuals, San Diego's two bowl games simply wouldn't exist. Thank you RedCoats!

San Diego Bowl Game Association "RedCoats"

Mark Alderson

Dennis Alviso

Nick Annan

Matt Barnhart

Jaime Barton

Steve Bee

Alex Benjamin

Paul Bergman

Krista-Nicole Bishop

Randy Bogle

Tim Budniewski

James Burke

Frank Calles

Bryan Caraveo

Kevin Carlson 

Frank Christian

Elizabeth Cox

Sandy Crays

Jeremy Crickard

David Crow

Lisa Culver

Scott Dillon

Gregg Doherty

Rodger Dougherty

Dennis DuBard

Bill Earley

Jeff Eddington

Charlie Ferraro

John Fiske

Jim Fitzpatrick

Kevin Flynn

Kim Folsom

Randy Frisch

Bryan Geisbauer

Jeffrey Graw

Michael Green

Alex Gruft 

Andy Guzenski

Jon Haack

Robert Harden

Scott Hart

Marvin Heinze

Brian Hilemon

Jay Hill

Rick Hudson

Matthew Hurley 

Kathie Johnson

Derryck Jones

Keith Jones

Mark Keith

David Kieffer

Lane Klastow

John Konecki

Tuni Kyi

Patrick Lavelle

Dr. Rumel Llantada

Jeffrey Light

Scott Linden

Brian Maienschein

Kevin McClintock

Mark McCord

Gary McCormick

Keith McKenzie

William McLaughlin

J.C. Mejia

Nick Mercurio

Armon Mills

Trina Mills

Grant Moore

Ryan Moore

Ben Moraga

Steve Norton

Mike O'Connor

Bradley Pagano

Lynn Palmer

Cherry Park

Robert Paxton

Regina Petty

Edward Plant

Bob Poulsen

Thanasi Preovolos

Larry Prosi

Ray Rainer

Greg Ray

Dave Rentto

Wendy Reuben

Dean Ridgway

Ray Roth

Jim Sagona

Stewart Sanders

John Schafer

Scott Scheper

Ronda Sedillo

Steve Shushan

Chris Sichel

Jeff Simenton

Scott Smith

Steve Stuckey

Kathryn Vaughn

Shekhar Vyas

Nicky Wilbanks

Pam Willmoth

Mark Willoughby

Colleen Windsor

Phil Wing

Lance Witmondt


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